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We know you've probably got some questions about us and if we are the right choice for the job. Here is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions but feel free to contact us should you require any additional information.
1. Are you full licenced and insured to do insulation?
Yes, we have full comprehensive insurance and have successfully completed training CPCCOHS2001A for OHS requirements, policies and procedures in the construction industry and CPCCPB3014A to Install batt insulation products.
2. Why do you use EarthWool batts over other brands?
We believe in caring for our environment and find that Earthwool Insualtion Batts are a better alternative due to the fact that they do not use formaldehyde in their products and made from bio-based materials.
3. Do EarthWool batts also offer sound containment?
Yes, EarthWool batts have excellent sound absorption qualities so can be used in wall insulation to make homes quieter.
4. What exactly is lagging?
Lagging is the use of material for providing heat insulation and diffusion for water tanks, pipes, etc. It has many applications in commercial and industrial applications but primarily use to reduce extremes of hot or cold from equipment to increase efficiencies.

About EarthWool

Visit the Knaufinsulation website for more information about EarthWool batts and their benefits.

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