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Definition of Lagging

Lagging is the use of material for providing heat insulation and diffusion for water tanks, pipes, etc.

  • It prevents or reduces damage to equipment from exposure to fire or corrosive atmosphere. Lagging also helps to provide fire protection.
  • Lagging keeps heat in areas it needs to stay. In the example of exhaust pipes, lagging keeps the heat in the exhausts which prevents heat escaping into confined areas and promotes performance. Properly designed and fitted lagged systems instantly reduce the need for energy lowering running costs and keeping that hard earned dollar in your pocket.
  • Noise reduction -whether it is standard insulation or acoustic insulation, lagging can be used to encase or enclose a noisy generated source which forms a sound barrier between the source and areas surrounding by absorbing noise and vibration.

Materials Used

Products we supply start from your common house hold insulation to specially made exhaust bags and sheet metal cladding to with stand constant running temperatures of 800 degrees and short burst of up to 1200 degrees Celsius.

Why Use Us?

Insulation and Lagging Solutions is a small business that offers a personalised service. We are easily contactable and never too busy to answer questions or discuss industry related issues. We understand your needs.

Every project from start to finish is overseen by the director who takes pride in every job no matter how small or big.

Applications for Lagging

  • Cladding of vessels
  • Processing Plants
  • Acoustic Noise Barriers
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Duct Lagging
  • Marine Engine Rooms & Exhaust Systems
  • Rewettable Cloth Lagging
  • Rope Lagging